Our institution YogamritA has been established in the year of 2012 keeping in view to introduce the real meaning of Yoga in our society. It is purely a traditional “Hata Yoga” institution. People come here for physical fitness and to take training on yoga. It is run by Habiba Hasan (Shikha).

Traditional Yoga is done by slowly stretching the body in to a variety of poses while focusing on breathing and meditation.

Yoga is designed to bring about increased physical, mental and emotional well-being. We are focusing on these vital issues.

We perform both group class and special class. Duration of each class is 1 hour. The class is conducted by highly qualified instructors.

We have two branches, one is in Gulshan 1800 sq.ft area and another one is in Dhanmondi 3200 sq.ft.

Our Facilities:

  • Conducted by highly qualified instructors.
  • Free unlimited wifi at our facilities
  • Fully air condition.
  • Excellent classroom.
  • Separate dressing room.
  • Group and individual classes.
  • Separate batch for female.
  • Only for working person, class will be taken on Friday and Saturday.

Benefits of yoga :

  • Yoga can make your look naturally young.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • It tones internal organs.
  • Good for joint and bones.
  • Obesity will be reduced and will look good, healthy and adorable.
  • Now a day’s it is more therapeutically cure diabetes, blood pressure etc.
  • Thyroid problem, acidity, joint pains etc.