Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is to motivate people to do yoga to keep them fit and healthy. In order to make our dream come true, we have in contemplation to train up some young men and women and depute them to every cities and villages to perform yoga practice to the people to keep them healthy and to cure diseases.

Yoga is a source of energy and to prevent diseases. When people will come to know its real benefits, more and more people will show their interest to practice yoga on a regular basis.

Day by day yoga is more therapeutically cure diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid problem, acidity, joint pain and so on. We have good number of patients who have come from some well know hospitals like Mount Elezabet, Apollo and some other hospitals with their back pain, joint pain, thyroid problem etc. Even doctors have advised them to do yoga as an alternate medicine because pain killer gradually damage kidney and other vital organs of our body.

These days obesity is another big problem in our society and this obesity can be reduced very easily by doing yoga practice.

We have yogic diet and if anyone follow our diet chart, weight will be reduced by 5/7 kg within one week. This is guaranteed and proven.

Our main vision is to spread yoga practice to every cities and villages in Bangladesh.